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Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club Presents:

The KOOL Race

King of our Lake  
The KOOL Race!


Sailors take notice! Simple racing open to all!!


Do you sail the lake on a keelboat? Would you like to run a very simple race course and compete for KOOL monthly bragging rights? No need to worry about a lack of racing rules knowledge or the presence of other boats in close proximity here! This event is for you!! BHSC Membership is not required to participate in this event! 

The King Of Our Lake is (KOOL) a very simple monthly competition that can be done anytime* you are on the water. You decide when you want to run the course. When your crew is available, when the weather is right, whenever you are ready to go for it! You will race against your own clock and submit your time to be included for the month’s best result.

The Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club is a 501(c)3 organization established in 1977 to  organize Sailboat Racing and outreach to our community. We are Member and Sponsor supported and promote several events each year for our members. If you would like to learn more about becoming a BHSC member, click our burgee below for more information. Please also support our Sponsors whenever possible!

BHSC member John Fritz with his prize as the very first KOOL winner in club history!

Read about King John the First and his history-making race on June 10, 2023 HERE

How to Participate

BHSC membership is not required, however all participants wishing to compete must complete an annual registration to do so.


Note that certain information must be collected from all registrants in order to complete registration, including:
~ Name of driver, phone, and email contacts
~ Make, model, and name of boat to be entered
~ Whether you use a spinnaker 
~ Marina in which the boat is docked 

If you need help finding the data needed for your boat, start here:

Once received we will assign a casual handicap rating to anyone needing it and you will be good to go! This rating will be used by our club scorer to "correct" your elapsed time and make the competition fair for all boat types. 

How it works

SEE THESE RULES for the competition > KOOL Sailing Instructions and Course Map. Keep a printed copy onboard at all times for a handy reference. 

Submit your race time data via the >SUBMIT RESULT< button within 24 hours of completing your race; and within the competition period for which it was run in order to be valid.

It is necessary to accurately record the time it takes you to complete the course. This is an on-your-honor competition so it is requested that you record and submit your elapsed time with supporting documetation whenever possible. We recommend using the free app RaceQ's.

Alternative methods are also acceptable and can include pictures with a time stamp of your start and finish Mark, or any other GPS enabled tracking app.

Bookmark this page to Submit Results and check for Results and Standings!

An award is presented by the BHSC to the boat with the best corrected time for each competition period. Award presentations will take place at a time and place convenient to our Board of Directors, likely to be our Summer (July) and Last Chance (September) Regatta events. Attendance is not required, but all participants are encouraged to attend. See our Event Calendar 
for dates and tickets. 

Submit a Result

Please submit your results using the button below.


Results and Standings

Results are casually posted on the links below.
Check back often for updates!

KOOL Results 2024

Sturdy Girl Main and Jib 1

Important Information!


  • *The course MAY NOT be run at times when a BHSC race is scheduled. Please refer to our event calendar for prohibited times.

Event Calendar

  • The Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club assumes no liabilities for anyone on the lake, whether participating in this event, or otherwise.
  • Commercial traffic and Shipping Lanes are not to be hindered in any way, ever. Anyone found to be breaking this maritime law will no longer be scored.
Wing on wing