Regular Member

A Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club “Regular Member” enjoys sailing regularly in the club but does not register a boat to race. If you are trying to register a boat to race, please go to Racing Program registration.

A Regular Member has all the benefits of other members including access to all club events, reduced fees for regatta parties and club merchandise, the ability to volunteer for committee boats and to run club events.

Regular members may sail exclusively on one boat or participate on several boats. If you do not have a relationship with a registered boat and need assistance finding a position, please register for Crew Bank once you are a member. Skippers needing crew will review your sailing experience on Crew Bank and contact you directly. Once registered, if you don’t get contacted please reach out to for assistance.

The Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club races by the rules set forth by US Sailing. Membership in US Sailing is optional. You may choose that option on your registration page. You can learn about the benefits of US Sailing membership here. We encourage you to support this governing body.

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