Awards and Recognition

A club is only as good as it’s volunteers. We are fortunate to have many helpful hands on board. In recognition of their service and good sportsmanship, the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club salutes those volunteers annually at our Awards Banquet. We are proud to present our past winners here. We thank them for their contributions which have helped make the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club a club to be proud of.

The “Distinguished Service Award” is presented from time to time by the Commodore of the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club to a person in the club that through their dedication, contribution to the racing program, and operation of the club, has enhanced the Club’s ability to serve its members to a greater degree. This person shall possess an unselfish willingness to get involved in the furtherance of the purposes for which the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club has been organized.

1992: Bob and Joanne Ihrig
1993: Chuck Chilcott
1994: Carl Millerscheon
1995: Bette Blum
1996: Rick Hooper
1997: Pam Obersheimer
1998: Patty Michalski
1999: Mike Brady
2000: Jim Tepas
2001: Patricia Bowles
2002: Dave Fowler
2003: Edgar Priebe
2004: Dave Regnet
2005: John Pettis
2006: Tom Nowak
2007: Tom Lewin
2008: Flo Vach
2009: Bob Gillman
2010: Diane Quart
2011: Jack Kitrenos
2012: Sue Robinson
2013: Diana Augspurger
2014: Patrick Weisansal II
2015: June Crawford & Barbara Berry
2016: Thomas Gaffney
2017: Rob Daley
2018: Melanie Stone
2019: Gregory Toole
2020: Ken Bienko Jr
2021: Diana Augspurger
2022: Mark Monica

The Chris Eisenhardt and Larry Beck Crew Award is presented to a sailor that has proven themselves an invaluable member of their crew and an asset to the club. The winning candidate must:

– Be a member of the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club
– Regularly sail in Tuesday and/or Wednesday night races
– Demonstrate a Corinthian spirit
– Demonstrate a love of the sport of sailing
– Demonstrate a commitment to his or her boat and crew
– Is a valuable sailor, coaching and mentoring new crew members
– Actively participate in repair, maintenance, and sailing of the boat
– Perform multiple functions on a sailboat
– Be dedicated to expanding and refining their skills
– Actively encourage others to enjoy the sport of sailing
2010: Pat Augello
2011: Jim Brownell
2012: Doug Bienko
2013: Alan Welka
2014: Patrick Weisensal II
2015: Mark Kief
2017: Peggy Parker
2018: Joel Rait
2019: Roy Sasiadek
2022: Brian Short

The “Sportsman of the Year Award” is presented annually to the participant in the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club who, through his or her dedication to the sport of sailing, encourages and develops the Corinthian Spirit of yacht racing. This person demonstrates conduct becoming a sportsman involving fair and honest rivalry, courteous relations, and graceful acceptance of results.

1987: Robert Ihrig
1988: Chuck Chilcott
1989: Douglas Hooper
1990: Pam Obersheimer
1991: Bill Johnson
1992: Bill Benall
1993: The Mayer Family
1994: Dick Ham
1995: Richard Walker
1996: Raymond Massey
1997: Ardrey Manning
1998: James W. McKinnon
1999: Dave Johnson
2000: Charlie Obersheimer
2001: Bill Bredenberg
2002: Robert Blow
2003: Charlene Romanello
2004: Mike Seitz
2005: Donald Seitz
2006: Bill Graf
2007: Nori Glass
2008: Barry Bistls
2009: Jerry Krzesinski
2010: Tom Tepas
2011: David Cady
2012: Jim Kondziela
2013: Jack Kitrenos
2014: Jim Kulwicki
2015: Adam Masters
2016: Tom Nowak
2017: Mark Stoddard
2018: Ted Johnson
2019: Sandy Kondziela
2020: Darren Wright
2021: Howard Wilson
2022: Laura Redding

A trident, in case you don’t know, is a three pronged spear often related to Neptune. Of course it was chosen for its’ nautical symbolism but also because this award will always go to someone who has provided a three pronged contribution to the club. It acknowledges lifelong service through endless volunteerism in multiple club operations, consistently making the success of the club a priority, and leveraging experience to support fellow club members in the enjoyment of the club and racing. The Trident is to be coveted as the club’s top award and as such, may not be given every year. So, when it does appear, you will know that the winner has exceeded all expectations of a club member.

2015: Rick Lenard
2018: Craig Wittmann
2019: Chuck Chilcott

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