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The centerpiece of the club’s racing program are the Wednesday night races. Three Series of 5 races each are run between mid -May thru mid-September. At the end of the year, awards are given out at the annual banquet in early November for each Series winners as well as awards for the Fleet Champions.

BHSC also provides a Tuesday racing program. One is titled China Light which is designed as a women’s teaching program. Certain parameters exist such as a female must be the helmsperson, she must be a BHSC member and there must be more women onboard than men. This is designed to encourage women to become actively involved in sailing and to provide as much racing experience as we can offer.

*Race registration is $225 if received prior to 3/1. Payment received 3/1 or after is $325. Receipt of form alone does not constitute registration. Payment must be complete. 

The Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club races by the rules set forth by US Sailing. Membership in US Sailing is optional. We encourage you to support this governing body. US SAILING is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of sailing and sailboat racing in the United States. Its’ mission is to encourage participation and promote excellence in sailing. US SAILING accomplishes this through volunteers and member organizations, supported by an administrative staff and funded through your membership dollars. BHSC earns “MVP credits” when our members join or renew a US Sailing membership. Those credits can be traded for nearly everything US Sailing offers such as rule books, event prizes and most importantly and race management training programs! The credits are dollar-for-dollar and add up fast. When purchasing a US Sailing membership through our unique link, you will unlock a discounted membership price and communicate to US Sailing that you are a part of Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club. Follow this unique link when you register or renew:
US Sailing BHSC Member Registration

Sailors can also call US Sailing directly if you would feel more comfortable placing the order over the phone: 1-401-342-7947.




The Campaign to Round Up is a donation to an escrow for capital purchases such as a new boat. It is not used for operating expenses and it kept in a separate bank account. Please consider making even a small donation. They will add up over time with many contributing!

Additional Racing Requirements 1. INSURANCE – WHEN RACING ALL BOAT OWNERS MUST HAVE A VALID MARINE INSURANCE POLICY IN EFFECT. The insurance policy shall have limits of watercraft liability or protection & indemnity of at least $300,000. 2. PHRF LE RATINGS FOR 2023 - A VALID 2023 PHRF-LE CERTIFICATE IS REQUIRED TO RACE IN ANY BHSC EVENT, Boats MUST submit a current certificate 24 hours prior to their first race or they will receive a rating of -200, until Rob Daley, ( BHSC Handicapper) receives the certificate. Your PHRF certificate MUST be sent by YOU to Rob Daley at rpdaley57@yahoo.com. If you have a new boat or new sails, please contact Rob Daley to arrange to have your boat/sails measured. PHRF-LE renewals and payments should be sent directly to: PHRF-LE PO Box 770109 Cleveland, Ohio 44107 (phrf-le.org). 3. HELMSPERSON – ALL REGULAR HELMSPERSONS MUST BE PAID 2023 MEMBERS OF THE BHSC. (A guest helmsperson exemption is available by contacting the Race Director. (Details are in the Notice of Race.)

Compliance Statement - For and in consideration of my willing participation in the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club Racing Program. I hereby accept all the risks and responsibilities of my boat’s participation in said races and regattas and waive to the fullest extent permitted by law any and all claims against the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club its members, officers, committees, agents and/or employees arising out of or in any way connected to such participation. I certify that while racing, my boat shall have a valid marine insurance policy with limits of watercraft liability or protection & indemnity of at least $300,000. I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and by all other rules that govern these events. (Insurance requirement is solely applicable to racing memberships). I further expressly agree that the foregoing release and waiver is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by law and that if any portion, clause or sub-clause hereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full force and effect.

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